The libraries at Chas College, Chas are an integral part of the learning environment. The mission of the library is to support teaching and learning by providing the excellent staff, resources, instruction and information services needed by our students.

The Chas College, Chas library, like that of other college libraries, includes students, faculty, and other support staff. Needless to say, students' information needs change and broaden as they move from school to college. More than simply listening in a classroom, students take initiative to educate themselves. The college library ought to be an instrument of this self-education. The primary function of the college library is to make students feel that the library is an integral part of their careers. In this context, one of the roles of the college librarian is as an information manager.

The College Library is meant for the staff and students for the college. There is a large number of books covering Arts., Science and Commerce subjects. From this Library books can be issued to all. At a time two books can be issued on the production of Library Cards. All such books must be returned within 15 days or the day fixed by the Prof.-in-charge (Library) Students failing to return the books on due dates will be fined and no books will be issued to him during session.

  • Service: Provide the highest quality information services to all Chas College, Chas Students.
  • Resources: The library will maintain and make available collections of materials to support the instructional programs.
  • Instruction: Design and provide instruction to help users become effective independent learners and researchers.
  • Access: Provide equitable access to staff, resources, services and facilities for all Chas College, Chas Students.
  • Technology: Provide students and instructors access to innovative and emerging technologies.
  • Staff: Attract and retain staff who are knowledgeable, motivated, adaptable, service-oriented and effective.
  • Management: Provide an open, collegial, well-organized, flexible and responsive library.